Michelle Allison

Artist Statement

Michelle Allison's newest work moves beyond the examination of outward appearance to additional means of attaining perfection. A book on penmanship is the inspiration for video and works on paper. In a painstaking attempt to copy the lettering as perfectly as published, the inconsequential flaws in her handwriting force her to stop, examine the mistakes, and start again. The paper becomes a physical manifestation of her own insecurities with what she has produced.

In a series of drawings of a dying palm tree, Brandley examines the beauty found in the stages of the slow decay of the plant.

Through repetitive, and amplified imagery of legs, bags, elephants, mouths, and dead palm trees, Brandley continues to compare unattainable beauty with an exaggerated view of reality. The work speaks to the suffocation produced by the relentless pursuit of approval.

The Arizona native moved to Fort Worth in 2006 and completed a Masters of Fine Arts in painting at TCU in 2012.  Previously Brandley studied drawing and painting in Fullerton, CA.  In this exhibition, Brandley is expanding into new media.  In addition to her vivid and lively oil on canvas paintings, the exhibition includes graphite on paper drawings, silk-screen prints, and video installations.


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