Lookbook Fort Worth | Devon Nowlin

Lookbook Fort Worth | Devon Nowlin

See the work at 1701 River Run, Fort Worth, TX 76107

A series of five large-scale photographic murals by artist Devon Nowlin have been commissioned by Trademark Property for the new West Bend development in Fort Worth. Collectively titled "Lookbook Fort Worth," the artworks depict individual subjects who are seen gazing upon imagery in printed catalogues from a birds-eye perspective. This birds-eye view promotes a firstperson reading of the narratives expressed in the works, positioning the public viewers as the subjects by the use of a familiar and universal point of view.

Based on a similar series of photographs that Nowlin exhibited at Artspace 111 in the Spring of 2015, “Lookbook Fort Worth” adapts the imagery of advertising and substitutes local Fort Worthians for fashion models. A young woman runs along the Trinity River Trails, friends lounge on a blanket in Trinity Park, and a group of friends gather around a table of beautifully prepared food and drink. The scenes illustrate love, health, friendship, and the desire for a comfortable, peaceful life.

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Two 12 x 8' murals are installed on the face of a building central to the development, and can be seen facing south into the parking lot adjacent to The Fresh Market. These two works act as a diptych in both content and design; a narrative expressive of longing in cool blue and green hues is complemented by the second mural’s picturing of belonging, with a social gathering in vibrant pink and orange hues.

Three 9 x 13.5' murals are installed on the back of The Fresh Market building and face east across the Trinity River. Here, they are visible to the runners and bikers along the trail as well as guests of the future outdoor dining establishments planned for the West Bend community. The narrative in these works are expressive of health and abundance, the comfort of love, and the tranquility of spring.

Devon Nowlin is a native of Fort Worth who holds a BFA from the University of North Texas and an MFA from Texas Christian University. Her work is represented in North Texas by Artspace111 and in Houston by David Shelton Gallery.