Jo LeMay Rutledge

 Jo LeMay Rutledge

Artist Statement

The odyssey to ranch paintings shouldn't have taken as long as it has. After all, I've lived in Texas for most of my life. But there were so many artists in the genre that I avoided jumping into the arena. What could I possibly bring to the bunkhouse that hasn't already been done. Besides that, Fort Worth is home to many Russells and Remingtons.

It took a bright day at a friend's ranch. What I saw there didn't have a hint of romance in it. It was ranch trash, beautiful horses, manure, ditches of unmanaged grass, cast off equipment and rodeo trailers in need of a coat of paint. That was the real deal. Hard work, thankless hours of maintenance and the jimmy rigging ranch gear. The life of anyone who chooses to live off the land. Now that's worth my time at the easel.  Art of the West a little left of center.


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Rutledge goes from farm to market by Jimmy Fowler in Fort Worth Weekly