Barbara Dybala

Barbara Dybala

Outdoor Mosaic

Barbara Dybala's mosaic sculptures provide a sense of life to seemingly ordinary objects. Her use of color and humor to create mosaics from small form sculpture to an 18ft x 60ft wall provide a modern day charm to an ancient art form. Two of her sculptures are currently on display in the Artspace111 gardens.

Artist Statement

Dybala was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She remembers her first public art win was a Cappy Dick Bowl of Nuts Coloring Contest in the Dallas Morning News in 1957. Since then much has change but Barbara stay true to her passion for art.

After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas she accepted a job with American Airlines creating Magazine designs for their publication department. There she meet the marketing director for Coke-a-Cola who asked her to crate some unusual mosaic with Coke products. This was the beginning of the rest of Barbara’s art life.

As Barbara worked her way through the Mosaic Art World, her mosaic became larger and larger. In her spare time she works on an 18ft by 60ft wall of her studio home. Think big or go home.


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